Completed Works

Like the multitude of students of the Humanities, nothing would please me more than to become a published author and storyteller, hoping one day to sit among the ranks of the great men who have walked and written before me. What the future holds is nebulous, and what I write could be no more easily predicted than what the future will hold for any other man or beast. Nonetheless, as I have studied literature, the desire to write pieces of my own has not been effaced since the days when I would fill composition notebooks with stories of adventure, dragon-slaying heroes, love stories, and fables. With time, I hope to refine my skills so that one day I can walk the halls of a library or bookstore to find my name next to others who have had the bravery to send their thoughts and feelings into the great unknown that is this world.

To this date I have written several pieces of “book-length” stories.

Requests for sample chapters, in depth summation, and other questions will be answered by emailing